Enzo Varriale (lanvideosource)

My work consists of audiovisual performances, VJ sets and works of visual design that cross the margins of fusion between acoustic and visual domain. By choice, my work is not associated with a particular technique, I rather prefer the Hybrid and the fusion of forms of expression: from the classic video-making and video-mixing techniques, to the recent generative aesthetics. In this way I create a cross-media mixture featuring a strong synaesthetic impact on the Audience. Abstract shapes and sounds produced by digital manipulation penetrate the senses of the viewer, reaching in it the synthesis, where abstract shape becomes sign and symbol.
During my life, I’ve focused my academic studies in the field of neurosciences, obtaining a PhD in Cognitive Psychophysiology. I’ve published several scientific contributions in international journals, focusing on EEG techniques applied to cognitive Psychology.
Actually, I’m trying to transpose concepts coming from neuroscience into the field of new-media arts, with EEG based installations and performances which are borderline between art and science.