Thomas Hitthaler (ampop)

After the first baby steps with vvvv early in 2003 he learned how to develop patches that actually did something meaningful  during his internship at meso. To finish his studies he had to return to Austria where he wrote his diploma thesis on generative art & design dealing with the problem on how to export printable graphics out of vvvv. Returning to Frankfurt seemed logical and so he kept patching at meso for another three years. As most things in life tend to change he got the opportunity to become one of the five founders of Strukt, a little design studio located in Vienna. There he remains and doesn’t patch as much as he would like. Once in a while he gets an opportunity to dabble around with vvvv and to create media art installations, live visuals, mapping projections and much more boring applications.
In the last years he researched multi-touch paradigms and input devices, trying to figure out how to create meaningful multi-user applications.