Facade Mapping

Sometimes, some of us get really lucky and find somebody who is willing to pay for some large projectors to throw some fancy vvvv-pixels onto big and famous buildings.

Unfortunately, bigger fassades very often also generate bigger problems.

The idea of the Workshop is to give an insight to workflows that have been proven useful for large mapping-projects, which are including multiple projectors and 3D-effects.

We will not use a real mock-up to project on to, but i will show you how to prepare your setup and content for buildings that are too large for a lot of testing before the main event. For that, we will have a look into Google’s 3D Warehouse, a online library with 3D-Models created by SketchUp users.

Apart from VVVV we will use Google SketchUp and Cinema 4D, it is recommended to have at least one of them installed on your machine.

Presumed knowledge

Basic Tutorials
DX9 Rendering

“Maintenance, Repair and Operations” (project details at CAN)