Software engineering patterns with vvvv

In this workshop Sebastian Oschatz will share his insights from a ten years perspective of seeing vvvv patches growing from the well intended to the completely unmaintainable. He has seen many projects with bizarre change requests, insane deadlines, seemingly irreproducable interlocking soft- and hardware issues and any kind of disturbances covering all human senses next to people doing intrictate development work with vvvv.

Surprisingly enough in this workshop he will /after all/ evangelizing vvvv as the cure and as a tool for professional and rapid development of complex, modular, reliable and reusable software systems. a semi-silver bullet, so to speak.

In this workshop Sebastian will present and discuss around 12 simple software patterns for creating nodular, testable and reusable patches.

The workshop will be co-hosted by Nils Buhlert (phlegma) who is advocating the use of GIT in a team of vvvv developers for a long time. He will give an introduction into the common procedures, pitfalls and workarounds of GIT as well as the wonders and lifesavers when using GIT.

Presumed Knowledge

experience in patches which went to complex, preferrable in a development team

Target Audience

everyone who knows he´s wrong.