Video Effects and Compositing

Simple things can be very simple in vvvv. If what you want to do involves applying effects on videostreams or compositing multiple streams of video together, this workshop is for you.

vvvv includes a series of >130 user contributed (mostly by unc and lecloneur) video effects and compositing modules dubbed TextureFX. Those are essentially vvvvs answer to freeframeGL, i.e. a specification for modules that do GPU-based texture-generation, -manipulation and -analyis. They are easy to use for the novice yet quite exhaustive in their possibilities and since computed on the GPU do all they do at high framerates.

In this workshop you’ll learn how to build your own video effects chains and different modes of compositing images together. Also we’ll look at how to apply effects only to parts of images using (animated) masks.

Presumed knowledge

This video was done in vvvv using various video effects
(no other software like Adobe After Effects).