vvvv and the Arduino

The workshop offers a good way to get started with Arduino and VVVV with the help of the new Arduino module. This node has been rewritten from ground up, so it is time to introduce it properly. The Firmata library for Arduino provides a great way to access the most important functionality of the Arduino without a single line of Arduino Code. How to easily insert it into your patches and how to configure its options to your needs will be part of the workshop. It is well suited for absolute beginners to intermediates with interest in electronics.

If you have patches or projects you always wanted to hook up to sensors and other electronics or the other way arround, make sure to have them on your harddisk and they run on the current vvvversion. We will provide the boards for everybody. If you wish to keep the board afterwards, you can purchase it on the spot. But if already have an Arduino, bring it and your favorite electronics.

Presumed knowledge

Follow-up workshop