The VVVVirmata Protocol

This is thought as an introduction of the inners of the Firmata protocol and how vvvv’s Arduino module makes use of the two nodes provided by the new Firmata plugin. We will also look at how to write custom Firmata firmware for the Arduino board using the Arduino IDE and how to use it with the fancy nodes of the plugin. It’s about bytes, so if you are not satisfied with the arduino basics, you should book this one. It is more thought as collective, but guided, trial and error to find out where the plugin development should be heading. We are thrilled with which uses, patches and ideas you will come up with. Bring your patches!

Bring a strong interest on the inner workings of things. At best how the protocol works from a byte point of view and motivation to build your own (arduino) module with the plugin – we actually need more modules for specific boards…

Bring your Firmata capable MCU board and your favorite electronics! If you don’t have an Arduino, we will provide a handful from the beginners workshop, so everyone should get happy. Also make sure you have the Arduino IDE installed and made sure it works.

Presumed knowledge